FLAMECHECK SVH-250 is designed to prevent the effects of fire on buildings, having excellent features to slow down the effects of fire and heat. This is a protective layer that creates a barrier between the flame and the surface of the material, made  specifically for structural steel, increasing the fire resistance, heat of steel up to 3 hours.
Used as indoor coatings for structural steel (columns/beams)
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1. Surface preparation

  • The surface must be free of rust, grease
    and other contaminants.

2. Environmental Conditions

  • Temperature : 5~35oC
  • Humidity: less than 80%

3. Application Equipment

  • Air / Airless spray, Brush, Roller


Pressure sprayers, brushes, rollers, etc.

Caution for usage

 a) Do not mix with other paint products.

b) Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

c) When working with pre-painted surfaces, contact our technical department for instructions.

d) Stir before application (1/2H.P, over 1000 RPM)

e) Store under the roof at a temperature of 5 ~ 38oC.

f) Keep out of reach of children. 


Please read the instructions carefully before using.

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Finish Flat
Color White
Substrate Structural Steel
Components 1
Solid Ratio 70±4%
Storage time 12 months (When stored in warehouse at 5~38°C)
Flash point 30°C
Thinner Super thinner 200
Packing Unit 18L
 Dry time   W.F.T 1 mm
5±1 °C 25±1 °C
Set to touch 1 hour 30minutes
Hard Dry 24 hours 12 hours
Completely dry 48 hours 30 hours
New layer coating 48 hours 24 hours
Fire resistance time (minutes) Recommended dry film thickness Number of coating Theoretical coverage
30 200 μm 1 0.29 l/m2
45 250 μm 1 0.36 l/m2
60 300 μm 1 0.43 l/m2
90 500 μm 1 0.71 l/m2
120 800 μm 1~2 1.14 l/m2
150 1000 μm 2 1.43 l/m2
180 1300 μm 2~3 1.86 l/m2
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