Metal Vapor Deposition

Coatings over electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, IT accessories. 

Providing excellent surface, weather resistance and durability.  Safe in VOC levels.


- Heat the tungsten coil to vaporize the target material and proceed with deposition.

- The degree of vacuum determines features of the Deposited film.

- Deposited only for pure compounds.

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Vapor Deposition PRIMER PRIMER AJ32 CLEAR Dual primer with good coverage and excellent adhesion to the PC+GF substrates
UV PRIMER SPIRAD AJ3200GLOSS Acrylic UV primer with easy workability
VD PRIMER VM-PRIMER AJ3200 Acrylic primer with excellent adhesion to the evaporated metal surfaces
COLOR SH20-3316B(VM) Acrylic clear colored (blue) coatings
TOP VT-PU AJ32 GLOSS Dual topcoat designed for superior durability
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