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Epocoat 5100
EPOCOAT 5100 is a solvent-free epoxy coating that has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, impact resistance and adhesion. It has outstanding self-leveling and appearance.
SUPERPOXY 1375 is a polyamide cured epoxy primer with high solids content designed for industrial and marine use in severe environmental condition. It is excellent primer in corrosive environments.
WORLDTEX Interior is an economical interior grade matt emulsion, suitable for use on most interior building surfaces.
FLAMECHECK SVH-250 is designed to prevent the effects of fire on buildings, having excellent features to slow down the effects of fire and heat. This is a protective layer that creates a barrier between the flame and the surface of the material, made  specifically for structural steel, increasing the fire resistance, heat of steel up to 3 hours.
SUPERCRETE W200 is high performance polyurethane resin flooring system, supplied as three components in pre-measured packs for ease of on site mixing and use. The cured system forms a strong, easily, layer from 4mm up to 7mm thick.
Waterproofing Membrane Ace
Waterproofing Membrane Ace, mainly composed of elastic urethane resin, are designed to provide excellent water and weather resistance for rooftops. These coatings have endured excessive tests in reviewing its reactions to weather, such as contraction and inflation, by conducting tests under various temperatures.
Super Foam 230S is medium-density, rigid polyurethane spray foam with excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, adhesion to the surface and excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the resulting foam is uniform and continuous so that the mechanical properties and the water absorption are good, and the suitable workability is excellent due to the reactivity, and construction is possible regardless of the season.
EPOCOAT TOP, mainly composed of polyamide epoxy resin, has excellent abrasion, corrosion, chemical, waterand oil resistance with superior adhesion for concrete facilities.
Waterguard 600
WATERGUARD 600, as a waterborne epoxy resin, has excellent adhesion and chemical, water, and abrasion resistances similar to a solvent based epoxy. It takes the advantages a solvent based epoxy offers without any harmful solvent components. Also, this goods proportionate to KS D 8502 water extractable test and have certification of KC which is safety standards of sanitation.
Unexposed Non-Tar waterprooftan (KS)
Unexposed Non-Tar waterprooftan(KS), mainly composed of an elastic urethane resin, is an unexposed 2 components tar-urethane waterproof coating that has superior elasticity and excellent endurance to contraction  and inflation caused by temperature variation and earthquakes. It is a preventive coating with superior adhesion, elasticity, durability, and water and cold weather resistances.

Anti-Bacteria Coatings

- By applying the Organic and In-organic anti-microbial in the paint, effective prevention the growth of bacteria on the surface of film.

- Excellent anti-microbial performance / Various Color / Panel for building.

FINECOAT 230 is based on high molecular weighted polyester which has outstanding flexibility and excellent chemical resistance. It can be applied over various home appliances, especially a washing machine.