Waterguard 600

WATERGUARD 600, as a waterborne epoxy resin, has excellent adhesion and chemical, water, and abrasion resistances similar to a solvent based epoxy. It takes the advantages a solvent based epoxy offers without any harmful solvent components. Also, this goods proportionate to KS D 8502 water extractable test and have certification of KC which is safety standards of sanitation.
Used for interior of drinking water tanks such as apartments and water-supply wagons.(Only concrete surface)
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1. Surface preparation

  • Prepare the surface free from any loose cement, dust, oil, moisture and other contaminants.

2. Environmental Conditions

  • Over 10°C is ideal for painting and hardening.
  • The surface temperature must be at least 3°C above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation.
  • Relative humidity: Up to 70%

3. Application Equipment

  • Power mixer, roller and brush(Airless spray is not recommended.)
  • Recommended thinning ratio: About 5%

Caution for usage

1. Mix the material according to designed mixing ratio and use after stirring it until uniformly blended. And, Use the mixed paint within pot life.(After pot life crack can be occurred)

2. Avoid applying paint on rainy days, high humidity(Over 70%) day, low temperature(Under 10°C) condition.

3. Even if you use same product(color, lot), the painting equipment and method(thinning ratio) can cause different color. So, you should check the color before using it.

4. Over thinning ratio makes lower the film properties.

5. When applying in a confined space, the space should be ventilate thoroughly for curing.(Water vapor cannot evaporate in confined space due to the saturated vapor pressure)

6. Moisture content of concrete should be fully dry to below 6%.

7. When applying over old coating, check the adhesion with old coating.

8.  It is not recommended as floor coating.

9. Primer of concrete is not recommended due to poor water resistance.

10. When apply this paint to immersion region of concrete managing waterproofing, it is possible to occur peeling. So, coating work have to be proceeded after checking the adhesion with our products.

11. When immersed before curing time for immersion service, it can make coating problems (chalking, discoloration, blistering, etc.)

Caution for handling

1. Store it indoor (5~35°C) condition, avoiding heat and open flame. And, keep it standing and being closed.

2. Dispose of the waste paint through the waste disposal company designated by the Ministry of Environment.

3. Since this product is a chemical product, it may deteriorate during long-term storage. Please refer to our customer center for the products that have p assed this period.


Please refer to the warning in the appendix.

Application system

Concrete: WATERGUARD 600 200μm (3~4coats)

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Finish Flat  Color Blue and Gray 
Applied over
Concrete, Cement mortar
Volume Solid
Approximately 55%
Recommended Film Thickness
200 μm
Mixing Ratio A : B
Recommended Coverage

2.75 m2/L ( @ D.F.T. 200μm)

* Allow for application losses and surface

Pot life(20°C) 3hrs
Dry times (20°C) Dry through : 24hrs Recoatable(20C) To topcoat(min/max) : 24hrs ~ 7days
Water Curing time for Immersion service 7days (at 20°C)
Packing Unit 18L[13.5L/4.5L] Shelf Life

12months (When stored indoors at 5~35C)

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