Held a vision declaration ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the foundation

July, 14, 2021

Samhwa Paint Industry Co., Ltd. (CEO Jin-soo Oh) held the 2021 Vision Proclamation Ceremony on April 9 (Fri) to mark the 75th anniversary of its founding. Founded in 1946, Samhwa Paints held an online commemorative event for the first time in its establishment under the theme of 'Going beyond 75 to 100 years, and finding a new way to tomorrow' to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its founding this year. 

The online commemorative ceremony, which lasted for 65 minutes from 10:30 on the same day, held a main event in the studio of Digital Magic Space in Sangam-dong, Seoul to deliver a vivid sense of reality, 50 domestic and foreign employees through the video system, and the remaining 1,000 employees through live broadcasting. did it together.

The event, which also served as a vision declaration ceremony to present a new vision for Samhwa Paint to move forward as a 100-year company, started with the opening VR performance, followed by a commemorative speech by CEO Oh Jin-soo, a video commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding, vision presentation and vision performance, awards ceremony, and staff The history, present, and future of Samhwa Paint were naturally introduced through a Vlog, etc.

In his commemorative speech, CEO Oh Jin-soo said that Samhwa Protection Technology, which protects products, retains vitality and enhances product value, is our long-accumulated asset, and further advanced it to become a company that is essential for companies leading the 4th industrial revolution as a protection innovator. begged to be

In the vision performance presentation in which employee representatives, including the union chairman and public award winners, participated in imagining the future of Samhwa Paint and making the imagination a reality, the company's will to provide safety solutions in line with the brand slogan of 'Samwha is safe' was demonstrated. contained

An official from Samhwa Paint said, “The first online commemorative ceremony since its inception was planned to share the future of the company with employees and to strengthen digital communication in a changing environment. As a 100-year-old company, we will find a new path to tomorrow.”