Samhwa Paint participates in'Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge

July, 14, 2021

Oh Jin-soo, CEO of Samhwa Paint Industry Co., Ltd., participated in the 'Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge' on May 20 to prevent children's traffic accidents.

This campaign, hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, is a slogan selected through a national idea contest, 'Stop 1st stage, beyond 2nd stage, for 3 seconds, 4th high prevention'. It proceeds in the way it is named.

CEO Oh Jin-soo announced his participation in the challenge by posting a photo taken with the new employees holding a traffic safety slogan on the official Samhwa Paint blog.

CEO Oh said, “I am willing to participate in this challenge because it coincides with Samhwa Paint’s brand slogan keyword ‘safety’. said.

Jinsoo Oh, CEO of KG Dongbu Steel, who was nominated by KG Dongbu Steel CEO Park Sung-hee, and participated in this campaign, recommended Kang Seung-mo, CEO of Korea Petroleum Industry, and Imim-jun, CEO of Mitsui Chemicals & SK Polyurethane as the next participants.