Enamel Fast-Drying Primer

Enamel fast-drying primer, mainly composed of alkyd resin and high degree of purity pigment, has an excellent anti-corrosion, adhesion, impact resistance, and working ability. Also as a natural-drying designer primer, it has an excellent drying time, making it the perfect anti-corrosive primer for iron equipments.
Used as an anti-corrosive primer for iron equipments and tools
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1. Surface Preparation

Prepare the surface free from any sand, dirt, oil, moisture, and cement powder.

2. Environmental conditions

  • Air temperature : 10 ~35°C
  • Relative humidity: up to 85%

3. Application Equipment :

  • Low pressure airless spray, sprayer, brush and roller

Caution for usage

1) Be careful that there is a lot of drying delay in forming the overcoat in one time and observe the repainting interval

2) Keep adequate ventilation during application

3) Please check the conformity with the old paint film when using the repair paint

4) When painting (including TOUCH UP paint), even if it is the same product or LOT, check the color as much as possible.

5) Do not apply on old paint film of baking finished type, but apply on old enamel film after sanding treatment.

Caution for handling

1) Avoid applying paint on rainy days, high humidity(over 80%), low temperature(below 5°C) and high temperature

2) Store the product in a dry, cool place at room temperature (5 ~ 35°C) away from fire and direct sunlight. keep container tightly closed with the injection port facing upward

3) Do not mix this product with other paints.

4) After the painting work, please wash exposed skin thoroughly.

5) Dispose of the waste paint through the waste disposal company designated by the Ministry of Environment.

6) Since this product is a chemical product, it may deteriorate during long-term storage. Please use it within the validity period. Please use the product after confirming it with the consumer counseling room


Please refer to the warning in the appendix

Packing & Storage

Primer : Enamel fast-drying primer(N) NT

Top coat : Alkyd paint

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Finish Flat
Color Brown , Gray , Orange
Applied over Steel Components  1
Recommended dry
film thickness
Recommended D.F.T 12.0 ~ 12.5m2/L
(Dry film thickness 40μm)
*Allow for application losses and surface
Volume Solid 48~50% (Depending on the color) Recoatable(25°C)
After 6hr
Coats 1~2
Dry times(25°C)
Dry hard:1hrs Diluent Thinner 034
Diluent Ratio
Max 10%(wt%) Shelf life
12 month
Thinner Urethane 1000 thinner

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