Super Foam 230S is medium-density, rigid polyurethane spray foam with excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, adhesion to the surface and excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the resulting foam is uniform and continuous so that the mechanical properties and the water absorption are good, and the suitable workability is excellent due to the reactivity, and construction is possible regardless of the season.
  • Internal / external insulation of factories, general buildings, barns, gymnasiums.
  • Ice storage tank, water storage heat storage system
  • Polyurea insulation coating system.
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1. Surface treatment

  • The surface should be cleaned and dried well to avoid sand, cement powder, soil and other contaminants.

2. Weather condition

  • Air temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C
  • Surface temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C
  • Relative humidity: 80% or less
  • Wind speed: 15 mph or less (without windshield)
  • The surface temperature should be at least 3 °C above the dew point temperature to prevent condensation.

3. Spray equipment

  • Spray equipment for Polyurea or Urethane foam

4. Caution for usage

  • Avoid painting on rainy days, high humidity (80% or more) or low temperature (below 0 °C). )
  • The cracks in the base are worked after flattening by repair work such as plugging.
  • Proper primer coating should be applied according to the type of the surface

5. Caution for handling

  • Store the product in a dry, cool place at room temperature (5 ~ 35 °C) away from fire and direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed with the injection port facing upward.
  • Since the product is flammable, store it in a dry, cold cow at room temperature (5 ~ 35 °C) away from direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed with the injection port facing upward.
  • Dispose of the waste paint through a waste disposal company designated by the Ministry of Environment.
  • Please use this product within the storage period.

5. Warning

  • Please refer to the warning in the appendix.

6. Application system

  • Primer : SUPERDECK 100, SUPERDECK 110 (If necessary)
  • Intermediate 1 : SUPERFOAM series
  • Intermediate 2 : SUPERDECK U,H series (If necessary)
  • Top coat : SUPERDECK 300 (If necessary)
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Applied over Concrete, Steel Components
Cream time (sec, 20°C)
3.5 ± 1.5
Rise time (sec, 20°C)
14 ± 3
Free rise density (Kg/ m3) 30 ± 1
Thermal conductivity (W/m.K)
≤ 0.023
Compressive strength (Kgf/cm2)

2.0 ≥

Mixing ratio 1 : 1 (vol)
Packing Unit

<A>: 220Kg, 19.5Kg

<B>: 230Kg

Shelf Life
3 months (5~35°C)
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