Poly Urea & PU Foam

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Super Foam 230S is medium-density, rigid polyurethane spray foam with excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, adhesion to the surface and excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the resulting foam is uniform and continuous so that the mechanical properties and the water absorption are good, and the suitable workability is excellent due to the reactivity, and construction is possible regardless of the season.
This product which have remarkable thermal insulation capability and usability is spray type urethane foam for thermal insulation or freezing house, factory, house..
Super Foam 224 is low- free rise density rigid spray foam that has excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, and adhesion to the ground surface. In addition, generation and form uniformly and continuously followed by good mechanical properties and resistance to water absorption, and by the suitable reactive workability is excellent and can be constructed regardless of the season.
SUPERDECK U-285 is special paint with spray coating method with Urea bond in the molecule. This is Pure urea-type paint for hard use without organic solvents and heavy metals, excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, anticorrosion and abrasion resistance.
SUPERDECK H-290LC is a special paint with a spray coating system with Urea and Urethane bonds in the molecule. It is a hybrid polyurea type paint that has excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, anticorrosive property, adhesion and abrasion resistance.
SUPERDECK 180, mainly composed of Urethane resin, is an elastic floor coating that provides non-slip quality that is suitable for polyurea sealing as well as interior coating for architectural surfaces. It is a soft touch, anti-abrasion coating with superior adhesion for a beautiful finish..
SUPERDECK 100 is an elastic primer designed with elastic urethane resin as the main vehicle and has excellent penetration ability, minimizes pinholes in concrete coating and it has excellent adhesion with polyurea coating system strong.