Waterproofing paint

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Waterproofing Membrane Ace
Waterproofing Membrane Ace, mainly composed of elastic urethane resin, are designed to provide excellent water and weather resistance for rooftops. These coatings have endured excessive tests in reviewing its reactions to weather, such as contraction and inflation, by conducting tests under various temperatures.
Unexposed Non-Tar waterprooftan (KS)
Unexposed Non-Tar waterprooftan(KS), mainly composed of an elastic urethane resin, is an unexposed 2 components tar-urethane waterproof coating that has superior elasticity and excellent endurance to contraction  and inflation caused by temperature variation and earthquakes. It is a preventive coating with superior adhesion, elasticity, durability, and water and cold weather resistances.
Spiseal Urethane Sealant

SPISEAL URETHANE SEALANT, mainly composed of urethane resin, is a two component sealant with excellent elasticity, durability, tensile strength, corrosion, physical properties. It has excellent elasticity and restorative ability, and it has excellent resistance to dynamic change of the adhered material. It does not shrink after curing and keeps initial flexibility constantly. Therefore, it has strong resistance to shrinkage and elongation. It is also possible to paint on top and it shows excellent adhesion to cement and plastic.

New Watertan

New Watertan is a waterproof paint using water-soluble acrylic emulsified urethane resin with one-component water - soluble type. It has strong elasticity, adhesion force and durability and forms a coating film with excellent waterproof property. Therefore, it prevents water from penetrating into cracks due to contraction and expansion due to temperature difference of architectural base, It is a water-soluble paint suitable for waterproofing roofs and flat roofs with a slope that is gentle and protected.

Urethane Waterproof Master 100
Urethane Waterproof Master 100, mainly composed of urethane resin, has excellent adhesion making it the perfectprimer for concrete facilities.
Urethane Waterproof Master 355
Urethane Waterproof Master 355, mainly composed of aliphatic urethane resin, is an elastic floor coating that provides non-slip quality that is suitable for floor decorating as well as coating for architectural surfaces. It is a soft touch, anti-abrasion coating with superior adhesion for a beautiful finish.